One of the appliances that often get overlooked when you are doing your Spring cleaning is cleaning behind and underneath the free-standing stove in your home. A dirty stove area can often be the cause of hidden odors and should be cleaned annually.  

Get started by gently sliding the stove out of it place so that you don’t scratch your floors or chip your counter surfaces.

Once you have removed the stove safety out of its space, be sure to unplug the stove from the outlet. This is for safety purposes since you may be using water.

Since most people do not regularly clean under and behind their stove this is a source of lots of dust and allergens. If you have breathing problems or allergies be sure to put on a mask (the kind they give you at the Dr’s office)

When you’ve done these things clean the floor area, the cabinet sides and the wall. Also make sure to pay attention to  the stove itself, and wipe down the sides, where food particles get trapped.

Next, wipe down the front and dust the back it with a dry rag. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck out any of the dust and dirt that has deposited there. Next, wipe down the cord to remove any dust.

You can use any number of cleaning solutions, however, I find that simply mixing white vinegar with plain tap water works very well,it's nontoxic to the environment and our bodies and it’s great for killing germs and deodorizing.


Once that’s complete, plug it back in then gently slide it back into place.